July 11, 2014 المحرر

Design; an art or trade?

The discussion session dealt with the boundary between the design as art or the design as a being exposed to the business process in companies operating in the field of visual communication. The session hosted Ali Al Kasbi, CEO of the Rapid Advertisement Agency, Aissam Hamoud, a Designer and Author in Shiarat, and Abdulaziz Al Moqbali, a specialist in visual communication. The dialogue was on how to mix art, the business world and the best practices without the dominance of one of them over the other. The participants discussed the challenges of each sector. The pressure placed by the customer service team on designers may have a negative impact on the quality and artistry of the design. The customer service department is also trapped between the client and the design. The event was held at Lokanta Restaurant and was attended by a number of design specialists and entrepreneurs.

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