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All great projects start with a simple idea. Thus, we consider ourselves a company that creates ideas before anything else. Alamah was launched as an idea in 2012 and then developed into a specialised marketing communications agency that focuses on building a highly competent Omani team, as we believe that effective marketing is to take a seat right next to the recipient, as his friend who understands him. However, we also adopt a global perspective that is guided by the best international experiences and the best practices in this sector.

Our logo, the semicolon, reflects our vision as it provides explanation and causation, just as we do by explaining our clients’ messages when delivering them to their target audiences. The values we seek to reflect when performing our missions are passion, effectiveness, and harmony.

In our relationship with our clients, we are keen to pitch our suggestions with the utmost professionalism and innovation to reach, along with our customers, the results that contribute to the growth and prosperity of their business.

Our Services

Identity and Advertisement

We believe that brand identity is not just a slogan; it’s the DNA of any company.

Social Media n

It is not just about Facebook, Twitter or websites, but rather about interaction and sharing.


Integrated Marketing Communications is the art of storytelling; in a world full of marketing messages, the story is the fastest way to reach the public

Technical Solutions

They are not just hard-to-read source codes, they are solutions that integrate the technical compatibility with the identity and the user’s experience.

Our Clients

Our Team


Hashar Al Mandhari

Chief Executive Officer

Ashwaq Al Maskery

Marketing Manager


Bader Al-Abri

Head of content & Social Media

Nihal Allawati

Account Manager

Israa Al-Muqimi

Community Manager

Roa Al Kayumi

Content Manager

Abrar Al Alawi

Content Manager

Khaleel Al Abri

Public Relations Specialist


Issam Hamoud

Creative Director

Farah Al Adawy

Art Director

Maryam Al Adawi

Graphic Designer

Mohamed Al Rahbi

Production Manager

Digital Solutions

Safouane Gouja

Digital Solutions Developer


We believe in specialization and realize our strengths. While serving our clients with the best practices in the market, we have absolute faith in Omani talents, and Omani small and medium enterprises (SMEs); therefore, we collaborate with our partners in the specialties of photography, production, printing, event management, and other services within an effective work spectrum and project management methodology to achieve the desired goals. By doing so, we support our clients with new opportunities, inspire our partners from small and medium enterprises, and transfer our experiences to them to provide an opportunity to highlight their creativity and deliver it to wider segments of audiences and clients.


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