Hashar Al Mandhari

Chief Executive Officer

Hashar is responsible for administrative and technical leadership of Alamah team. With over 13 years of experience in marketing, PR and advertising media. Hashar provides Alamah and its customers with communication strategies and marketing plans based on dozens of major projects he has worked on along his professional journey. Hashar worked as a Public Relations Manager, Media Manager, and Social Media Manager at Ooredoo. He participated in developing the marketing strategy of several major projects of the company.

He has also worked as a marketing and commercial communication advisor at PDO, specifically in Ras Al Hamra project that was developed by the company according to international standards.

He holds an M. A. degree in Marketing from Griffith University, Australia and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Sultan Qaboos University. He has completed many specialized training sessions in the best international training institutions in the fields of Marketing, Public Relations and Social Networks.