Anwaar is the new electronic portal for the information department in Sultan Qaboos University. Previously, publishing information in the university relied on traditional methods and magazines. However, this platform was developed as an alternative platform that includes all information published within the university. At the beginning of this project, Alamah developed the new brand identity of the information department, including the brand identity of the Anwaar website. As usual, and before developing and designing the portal, several meetings with the competent university team were held, during which we were able to identify the design of the site. During these meetings, we presented many examples of Arab and foreign websites specialised in publishing on the Internet. We relied on certain points in our evaluation such as the use of images, icons, and fonts and we focused on the final user experience. The information portal is not just a website that displays the latest news and events, but rather a platform that includes several systems for managing events and users as well as an automatic newsletter system. All of these systems are managed through a single control interface which enables those managing the website to simply, easily, and quickly control it. This website was hosted by Sultan Qaboos University servers. We, at Alamah Marketing, have fully set up the server of this website and conducted the final security test to check for any security gaps or issues related to the site.


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Mars, 2018


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