As a promising step in promoting the higher education system in Oman, Muscat University was established to provide a unique destination for important and in-demand scientific disciplines in the Omani, regional and even global markets based on a close partnership with the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.

With an Omani vision, the identity of this university was created, with the main aim of starting from Oman and expanding to the rest of the world. Alamah worked over several months on organizing workshops, seminars and enhancing and editing meetings to create an identity that reflects Muscat University’s objectives.

The phrase “We are Muscat“, which was introduced by Alamah after several sessions with the Executive Management and the University’s Board of Directors, forms an integral part of Muscat University’s logo. Through the questionnaires conducted by the competent team, the Gate of Muscat was unanimously selected as the basic visual symbol for the phrase “We are Muscat“. However, the real connection to Muscat is not conveyed through the Gate only, but also through an act that proves that Muscat has something to offer to humanity.

During the stages of exploratory and visual research, we found that the academic disciplines offered by the University can be summed up in an Omani visual symbol. Therefore, we went back to the Omani Empire at its peak, when its naval fleet used to dominate the whole region. Sailing, which is symbolised by the Omani ship, is a symbol of University’s academic disciplines. Sailing and shipbuilding cover logistics, transportation, entrepreneurship, etc.

The team discovered that a number of Omani vessels were built based on sophisticated yet simple technology. It did not use screws or bolts but rather relied on exact calculations in cutting and joining wooden planks connected with great precision. The designed visual symbol conveys one of the University’s main objectives, which is the students, staff members, and the surrounding community’s advancement and empowerment. This connection with Oman’s glorious history inspired the team in designing and implementing the Muscat University logo.

The visual identity mainly relied on a combination of colours that symbolise the spirit of Muscat from its blue shores to its buildings, mountains, tradition, and social status. Furthermore, it relied on the visual form of Omani vessels, which inspired the shape of the stairs and the ascent. This has allowed for the creation of a dynamic visual system for brand identity.

After translating the University’s strategy into a visual identity, Alamah arranged for professional photography sessions to come up with the perfect visual form. Then, we have produced the main basic publications and applications of the University. Even the interior of the University building relied on the brand identity colours to design the University hallways. We have also provided the brand identity guide which sets the tone; through this guide the University can control all future printing and design works.

Working on a university’s brand identity is not an easy task to accomplish since the number of people who are dealing with this identity will certainly be a large number of students, academics, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We, Alamah Marketing, take pride in our accomplishment of this project in partnership with the University’s Board of Directors and its Executive team


Muscat University


January, 2017



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