By employing its high expertise to identify and invest in promising technology projects, the Oman Technology Fund seeks to make Oman the favorite destination for innovators and technology start-ups in the region through three investment programs, each meeting a certain stage of the project, depending on its nature and outcome.

This experience was a partnership between Alamah and Adrenaline working together on the Fund’s brand identity. The project was elaborated over two stages; the first stage focused on the development of a clear brand strategy, while the second stage was devoted to transforming this strategy into an integrated visual identity that meets its purpose.

From the kick-off of this partnership, the team sought to develop an action plan that adhered to the world’s best practices in building a brand identity, by conducting a number of work sessions and workshops to understand the nature of the project and the target audience, which paved the way for setting the most suitable strategy for the Fund’s brand identity.

After months of continuous teamwork, the outcome was an integrated visual identity that combined the Fund’s identity with its investment programs.

The results of the workshops were visually translated by writing “OTF”, the acronym that stands for Oman Technology Fund to reflect the global vision of the Fund. The letter O, which stands for Oman, was highlighted using pixels, which is the most famous unit in the modern digital world. In this brand, the pixel not only represents an abstract visual symbol, but also a method and a culture of work and creation. Out of these small units the other investment brands were designed as an extension of the mother brand. With a modern touch, blue colour gradients were thoroughly selected as well, to reflect the expertise, the far-sighted approach, and the wisdom that characterises the business.


Oman Technology Fund


June, 2017



Alamah Marketing, Al Barakat St, October Building First Floor, Office 107


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