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 April 2018


Social Media

#Zakat _ Tech: When you spread goodness in a minute

Even ideas for good deeds and volunteer work will have a greater impact on the public when promoted by an effective marketing campaign. We had the honour to work with the Department of Zakat Affairs at the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs when it assigned Alamah to supervise the Zakat campaign during the holy month of Ramadan 1439 AH. Thus, the “Pay Your Zakat in a Minute” campaign was a reflection of the social marketing concept.

The campaign aimed to familiarize the public with the Zakat portal Https:// and encourage them to use it to pay zakat, since it is simple, reliable, and it also offers Zakat givers the option to select which category they want to donate Zakat to, as well as other features and options.

First, Alamah conducted a research on international charity donation campaigns in order to identify the best practices in this field and then wrote the marketing summary and the objectives of the campaign before brainstorming to develop a creative campaign that reflected the importance of Zakat. The campaign was launched during the holy month of Ramadan.

Alamah came up with three creative campaign scenarios, each of which focused on the main objective of the campaign, but in different and innovative ways. Alamah chose Zakat_Tech, which is an easy, simple and fast way of giving Zakat via the web portal in a few clicks.

Alamah immediately began to work on drawing up an integrated advertising plan and promoting the campaign on all types of digital media platforms such as newspapers, billboards, radios, videos, and social network posts.

In addition to the daily management of the Department of Zakat social media accounts during the campaign, including the drafting, designing and publishing of posts; Alamah has also designed newspaper advertisements and billboards, drafted advertisement texts and scenarios on the radio and videos, and oversaw their implementation throughout the campaign.

During the campaign, Alamah was keen to highlight various aspects of Zakat through publications about its importance and role in Islam. There were other publications on its impact on beneficiaries and society, its calculation method, and most importantly, the easiness, simplicity and reliability of giving Zakat through the Zakat web portal. The portal focused on linking textual content to the visual content to communicate the idea clearly and strongly to the public.

To ensure that the message is delivered on a wider basis, Alamah has organised an Iftar event for a number of influential stakeholders in the field of technology to familiarize them with the Zakat portal. Alamah has overseen the organisation of the event, explained the e-portal to the audience and covered the event on social media.

In Conclusion, it is safe to say that this campaign was different for Alamah, because the goal was not to sell a particular product or strengthen the presence of an organization in the minds of the public, as much as it was to motivate the public to do good deeds. Yet, working on this project was just as challenging and fun as any other marketing campaign.

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