June 7, 2014 المحرر

Fak Kurba (Ease Distress)

In 2014, Alamah was approached by the Lawyers Association to support the initiative of Fak Kurba to develop a unique brand identity. We believe that Fak Kurba is an important initiative because it directly contributes to changing the lives of several families.

The initiative is based on releasing debtors from jail through fundraising to spend Eid with their families. The slogan of this humanitarian campaign was “a human deserves a second chance”.

In Alamah, we have adopted a simple yet powerful idea. Releasing debtors is like opening a door to light and freedom. This image has been adopted as an icon for the logo and in various applications.

The campaign included several marketing activities such as the exhibition held in Muscat Grand Mall to present such cases and collect donations. This campaign was accompanied by another campaign on social media and various media such as news reports and interviews. We are proud that the Fak Kurba campaign is still running and giving debtors a second chance for a decent life.

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