Al Falaq Electronic Magazine is an Omani magazine that specialises in politics, culture and ideology. It is an extension of Al-Falaq newspaper, which is one of the first Arabic newspapers published in Zanzibar in 1929. Alamah completely restructured the website in 2013.

The main goal of the restructuring process was to provide a simple and easy user experience that enables users to easily access the content at first sight. Alamah team worked for several months to provide this experience and tried several models for the magazine, a number of possible scenarios and many interfaces to ensure the suitability with the magazine and online surfers.

Alamah presented the magazine website in its new structure. It summarised a lot of pages and classifications to come up with focused content and clearer classifications. Ensuring fast downloading and browsing of the website content, smooth transition, and most importantly, serving its purpose in the best possible way were the main focus of this exercise.

Alamah has also developed an app for Android phone users to facilitate viewing, sharing, saving, and reading the articles of the magazine when using the app.

Alamah’s role was not restricted to finishing the testing and development phase that led to the final version of the website; in fact Alamah performed periodic maintenance of the website to ensure that it includes the latest updates, especially security updates. The website displays articles from different schools of thought and political ideologies, making it a target for hackers. Therefore, Alamah provides security services to the website. Alamah has managed, thanks to its technical team, to protect the website despite being hacked several times and managed to recover it in record time.