Alfinjan project idea was inspired by the attempt to revolutionise Omani coffee to become an instant coffee while preserving the original taste and experience. To offer an integrated experience of drinking Omani coffee, the project has gradually expanded from the production of coffee only to other products such as saffron, dates, and nuts. Given the novelty of the project, each product had its own distinct identity. This was the main focus of Alamah marketing in its aim to include all products within a sole visual identity under the company’s name, Alfinjan.

After conducting a thorough visual search and following some preliminary attempts, Alamah chose a minimal logo based on the shape of the Omani coffee cup with a unique design of the handwriting accompanying the icon, while preserving the compatibility between the Arabic and Latin calligraphy. This simplicity carries a very rich visual pattern that evokes the connotations, symbols, and atmosphere accompanying the experience of drinking an Omani coffee. From the imagery of the coffee pot to the image of a camel and the dates, the logo was carefully painted and modernised. All these efforts aimed to fulfil a sole objective: to blend the original experience of drinking the Omani coffee and the innovation of Omani hospitality products; an amalgam of traditions and modernity.



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