After redesigning the new brand identity of Barad Mineral Water, Alamah was asked to develop a new website that includes details about the company, its products, and operations.

First, a preliminary meeting was held with the CEO of the company to receive his ideas and the information he wanted to deliver to consumers. Following this meeting, the sections, content and structure of the website were defined and prepared using the information and resources available to the company. Alamah design team worked on designing specifically modified icons and images that promote brand identity on the new website. Also a direct Request Form was added to the website, through which consumers can order directly and identify their location on the map. The request will be delivered to the concerned staff within the company to deal with.

Single-interface style was used in designing the website based on the available content, and Google services was integrated on the website to collect and analyse the site’s statistics in an integrated manner. Also the search results on different search engines was improved. As a result, the website mainly offers an easy and convenient user experience and works on all devices and screen sizes.


    Barad Mineral Water

  • DATE:

    April, 2018


  • TAG:

    IT Solutions