Al Mouj Muscat (the Wave) is one of the most prominent freehold properties in the Sultanate of Oman. The project extends over a 6 km waterfront along Muscat beach and seeks to provide its residents and visitors from different nationalities and cultures with a modern lifestyle, especially through continuous and diverse events.

Alamah partnership with Al Mouj started with two events through the World Book and Copyright Day held annually on the 23rd of April in order to offer a new experience to the residents and visitors of Al Mouj who are interested in reading.

Alamah organized a brainstorming session and conducted research to come up with an idea targeting two groups of people: children, given the importance of raising them to love reading, and social media influencers, who are interested in reading to ensure that the event would reach wider segments of the society.

Since we realize that attracting children and families to such an event should be in a fun and different way Alamah designed an advertisement showing famous cartoon characters with the following question; “What’s your child’s name?” in order to attract the attention of parents. The advertisement was sent by email to the residents of Al Mouj and was posted on social media.

During the event, the children enjoyed listening to a number of stories in both Arabic and English, performed some of its scenes and played some of its characters. A couple of authors, Hanne & Jens Eriksen, presented their book “Wildlife in Oman, a Guide for Young People” in an interesting way along with displaying a number of natural pictures and facts that fascinated the children.

Alamah collaborated with Note Magazine, an Omani online magazine that specialises in education and education techniques, to organize this event given the desire of Al Mouj to involve Oman’s small and medium enterprises in such events.

As for the social media influencers’ event, the guests were influencers who loved reading and were active on various social media platforms. Since most of them often use tech devices, especially mobile phones, we seized this opportunity to communicate a message on how technology causes attention deficit, which usually forms a barrier to reading.

Under the title #HourWithABook, we asked them to come to Gloria Jean’s at Al Mouj with their favourite book to enjoy a full hour of pure reading without any distractions, and then share their impressions on the experience and the benefits they have gained from this event.

In addition to organising the two events, Alamah has developed the content of social media posts, formulated and designed invitations sent to influencers, filmed the event, drafted the posts posted during the live coverage of the two events and prepared news on both events in Arabic and English.


    Al Mouj

  • DATE:

    April, 2017

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    Social Media