The importance of CSR in the business sector is growing. From this standpoint, Gloria Jean’s, one of the most important and famous coffee houses and coffee products brands around the world, decided to launch an initiative on the dangers of water scarcity and the importance of walking on the occasion of World Water Day (March 22nd) by sponsoring Omani travellers Hilmi Al Kindi and Nawaf Al Slimani during their walk from Al Siffah to the Middle East Water Research Center in North Al Hail, a 100 km journey in 3 days.

Since one of the most important objectives of the initiative was to raise public awareness, Gloria Jean’s contacted Alamah to ensure better reach to social media audiences. Therefore, Alamah developed a social media communication strategy and an action plan for this initiative. Alamah conducted research and brainstorming sessions on the best practices for marketing such initiatives on social media.

Since visual and live content is the best way to reach and interact with the public, Alamah suggested posting photos of the journey by one of the travellers or their companions on Gloria Jean’s Instagram Stories account. Alamah prepared the team for this task and took the necessary precautions to avoid any mistakes during the coverage.

Alamah suggested using the hashtag #WatersJourney in Arabic and English on all social platforms. Accordingly, diversified content was formulated, that balanced between publishing facts, tips and figures on the importance of water and sports. Shedding light on Omani talents and recreated the history of Omani travellers was another priority.

To reach a larger audience, Alamah invited a number of social media influencers to meet the travellers at Gloria Jean’s branch in Al Mouj (near the point of arrival) a day before their journey ended, to talk about their journey, the reasons behind it, and their future ambitions. In addition to Alamah’s direct coverage on Instagram Stories and Twitter, social media influencers also covered their conversation with the travellers and expressed their admiration for this initiative.

Although the initiative ended with the arrival of both Hilmi and Nawaf to the Middle East Water Research Center on March 22nd, the impact of the campaign and the messages left on Gloria Jean’s accounts by followers and those who met the travellers on their journey will last.


    Gloria Jean's

  • DATE:

    Mars, 2017

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    Social Media