How can you distinguish yourself from all other travel websites and apps, especially if the client is a travel expert who knows the right ways to get the best travel packages?

This was the focus of our work when developing the visual identity of the project GoDoBa. This time, the client had extensive experience in the travel packages market, so we made the customer experience our priority, starting from the online booking and accompanying the client all the way till he/she arrived to his/her chosen destination.

However, the provision of such service and its online marketing plays a critical role in the project. What makes this project more challenging is the enormous number of websites and applications in this market, which are not limited to particular markets since they are displayed on the Internet and customers from all around the world may visit them.

Through our study and analysis, we have identified the required solutions:

  • The brand identity shall represent different travel options;
  • It shall strive to suit all categories including students, middle-class communities, five-star facilities and special interest tourism such as sport, event, and other special types of tourism;
  • And shall be a global brand identity that is in line with web applications as well as modern brand identities and spirits.

We had several different orientations, from which we selected three. However, the main orientation that we settled on was an example of a multiplicity of options, by relying on the word “GoDoBa” itself. We designed its letters from scratch and took advantage of their diversity and unity at the same time to convey a different journey inside each letter. This simple yet powerful idea was also very inspiring in developing an integrated brand identity that combines the spirit of modern web applications and the spirit of travel, dreams, and adventure by relying on purple and orange. Thus, we have created a dynamic brand identity that allowed for several designs of the logo to represent the different travel packages.