communicating with the public and has chosen Alamah marketing agency to restore the company’s brand identity.

We held extensive meetings with members of the Board of Directors. We also carried out a workshop with the executive management aimed at understanding the company’s aspirations, future plans, and prospects to which the new brand identity shall contribute. We then carried out workshops with groups of stakeholders to explore their views on both the sector and the Company. A questionnaire was designed to find out the public’s views on different issues related to the company’s business. After reviewing the company’s previous brand identity, we realised that it wasn’t strong enough to withstand all these plans and prospects. Thus, we decided to change the company’s brand identity.

Alamah Marketing has studied several brand identity reformulation cases of global companies operating in the same field to decide the best practices to adopt. Through such research and studies, we discovered that the environment is a vital pillar for companies operating in this field since they use it to develop their culture. Through extensive research, we have also found that Muscat Gas makes several efforts to protect the environment and ensure sustainability. Thus, this orientation was suitable to be the heart of the new brand identity of “Muscat Gas” in communicating with the public.

The main task of Alamah Marketing was to understand the requirements of the new phase by creating a strategy for adopting the new brand identity. By conducting several sessions, workshops, and surveys, Alamah reached a unique creative design for the identity brand of Muscat Gas, in terms of its name, the tone of the brand’s voice, visual identity and logo. By choosing the environmental path as an innovative orientation for the visual identity, through which the brand identity aspires to promote employee environmental thinking within the company, and public environmental company outside it, the company proved that it wasn’t just another company that supplies cooking gas and other industrial gases, but rather a company keen on protecting health and environmental systems and determined to achieve economic growth with greater awareness of the accumulated environmental challenges.

The leaf was carefully chosen as the logo of the company to convey the company’s environmental orientation and other connotations that have a direct positive effect on the public’s environmental awareness.

This new approach, adopted by Muscat Gas in communicating with the public, has resulted in reviewing of all points of contact with the public, many of which were underutilised, or inefficiently used. A new change in the management plan was developed to target all points of contact with the public and to express the new brand identity of the company. The brand identity begins to take shape among the employees of the company, moves to the public, turns into a behaviour adopted by those dealing with the company and ends up as a performance indicator according to which the company’s work is measured.