Oman Aquaculture Development Company (OADC) is one of the pioneers in this field in Oman. Therefore, it was vital to develop a website that promotes the company and reflects its projects. When we received a request to manage this project, we proposed to adjust the visual identity in order to suit the company’s vision. When this suggestion was approved, we, at Alamah, have developed an integrated visual identity to achieve a brand that is distinguished by its symbols and colours.

The first meeting with the company aimed at identifying the requirements and getting acquainted with staff aspirations and orientations. Then, we analysed the results obtained and advised the company on the best practices in using the various optical elements such as photos and video. The initial design phase of the home page was next, where we developed two different models from which the second model, currently used on the website, was chosen. The process of developing other elements and different pages as well as distributing the content within the approved sitemap was then started. The website was developed to display content in both Arabic and English.

During website development, we focused on using an appropriate content management system that facilitates the management process for those who will manage the website at a later stage. Before delivering the website, we linked it with various services of analysing search results and visits to the site, and we also improved the search results in various search engines to make the Company’s new website the initial result that would appear when searching for the company.


    Oman Aquaculture Development Company

  • DATE:

    May, 2018


  • TAG:

    IT Solutions