Oman Education and Training Investments SAOG is the owner of Sohar University which focuses on investing in the education sector and all aspects promoting it in one way or another. The company was facing a serious challenge as its brand identity was dominated by Sohar University’s brand identity, given its big reputation. At first, this situation was very beneficial for the company. However, given the expansion plans and the company’s aim to diversify its investments, it was vital to review the company’s brand identity and present it in a new spirit.

Alamah marketing was selected to lead the process of reforming the company’s brand identity. Alamah Team started by developing a project plan, which included the search phase as its initial phase. Alamah met with a number of the company’s officials and reviewed the company’s new plan and the investment opportunities it sought to expand.

Alamah team worked on the development of the company’s visual identity through workshops with executive management, meetings with a number of focus-search groups and questionnaires distributed on social media. Alamah also studied a number of brand identity reformation cases in similar local and regional companies. It also presented a study on the best international practices in formulating the investment companies’ brand identities.

After all the research and studies, we found a distinct orientation for Oman Education and Training Investment (OETI) that is based on three main elements: The Omani civilization with its glorious history, the Omani society with its cohesion and solidarity, and the targeted investment prospects.

Among several visual symbols, the history of the Sultanate was symbolized by its famous architectural style of arches, and the Omani society was symbolized by palm fronds, given the strong connection that the Omanis have to palm trees. Investments were symbolized by the graphs of economic indicators. Four fronds were placed in the logo to indicate the four values of the company: credibility, continuous development, cooperation and community involvement.