Postal services are divided between two eras; the old era, when people waited to receive a written letter from a friend or a relative delivered to their mailbox with a commemorative stamp to keep; and the globalization era, in which global markets have become open to each other.

Oman Post is one of the prestigious institutions in the Sultanate of Oman, where the first postal services started in 1856 in the capital, Muscat. However, as people’s desires and needs changed over time, Oman Post has taken many measures to develop its services, products, and communication with customers.

Today, social media networks are one of the most important means of communication over the Internet, and interacting with the community and taking part in national events is an important occasion to communicate with the public on social media.

Oman Post wanted to get closer to the public, so Alamah proposed to target a popular event in the Sultanate; the Muscat International Book Fair in its 22nd edition.

Through this initiative, Oman Post offered fair visitors the opportunity to send books from the fair to any post office in the Sultanate for free and without requiring a postal box on the part of the sender or the recipient.

The initiative aimed at providing the opportunity to purchase books for those who could not visit the fair. It also provided a chance to surprise others and gift books via Oman Post.

The initiative was launched during the Book Fair and went viral on social media networks. It created a positive image for Oman Post thanks to its participation in an important social event and offering the public the opportunity to send books for free.

The experience reflected a successful partnership between Oman Post and Alamah Marketing. Alamah prepared the initiative, proposed its implementation mechanisms and selected the best social media platforms to promote it. Alamah has also prepared a creative content that supported the initiative and has provided advice on advertising the campaign on social media.