It was obvious, during the first meeting with the Omani Women Association in Muscat, that the Association needed a new website that reflects the role of Omani women in their areas of excellence, and present these areas to users in an elegant and clear way. The website must bear the identity of the Association and highlight it in a modern way, and it should provide the basic information that should be known about the Association.

During the preliminary meetings on the project, the main structure of the website and its different pages were identified. The main instructions to be taken into account when structuring the website to ensure an optimal user experience were shared. Based on the information and content provided, Alamah designed the home page in two different designs to determine the direction to take in the final development phase. After selecting the ideal design, Alamah moved on to the image selection phase, as images receive a great deal of attention from the public. So, several images that meet certain specifications were selected to be placed in the right place. Such simple details will guarantee the optimal user experience. The development process and entering of content to website pages is complemented with a distinctive design for each page in accordance with custom styles without getting away from the unified identity of the website.

After completing the website development phase, the next step was setting hosting and domain settings to ensure fast browsing of the website. The website was set up and improved as per the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requirements to improve the online visibility of the website in search engines result pages. In addition, accurate statistical tools on the website’s browsing and type of users was provided. Finally, a training session was provided for those who were nominated by the Association to manage the website content to ensure continuous updating of the website without losing its basic structural unit.